Why is keystone jack divided into 90° and 180°?

what means keystone jack 90° 180°

Many customers may be asking why is the keystone jack divided into 90° and 180° ?

What does the so-called 90° and 180° mean? What is the difference in the use of functions? lets chat about that.

What does the so-called 90° and 180° mean?

The so-called 90° and 180° refer to the angle between the direction in which the network cable is punched down into the keystone jack and RJ45 plug.

As shown below, the left picture is 90°, the right picture is 180°

What is the difference in the use of functions?

Different customers have different punching down habits. It seems that some people prefer 90° punching down, but some prefer 180° punching down.

In fact, it is absolutely related to the occasion of use and the convenience of cabling works.

Keystone jacks are usually used in two occasion, one is the end user site, such as the office or family living room, bedroom, etc.; the other is the administrator side, which is what we often call the MIS server room.

End user site

For the end user site , the height of the keystone jacks from the ground is generally 30 cm, and a cable length of about 30 cm is reserved inside the wall.

If a 180° keystone jack were used, you can install the keystone jack on the face panel first, and then place the face panel horizontally on the ground, and then pull out the reserved cable from wall to directly punch down,.

so that the stress point of the keystone jacks is larger, and the punching down work is more convenient.

If a 90° keystone jacks were used, you can image that, there is no good support point to apply force.

But if the keystone jack is installed on the external outlet box as shown in the figure below, regardless of the initial installation and maintenance of the 90° keystone jack, it is more convenient to apply force than 180°.

MIS server room site

As for the keystone jack used in the MIS server room, it is usually installed in blank patch panel.

Of course, both of 90° and 180° keystone jackcan be chosen, but we recommend that you choose to use the 180° keystone jack.

The reason is that we can install keystone jacks into blank patch panel one by one,

and then place the patch panel on a level ground, and then punch down it uniformly.

The patch panel bears even force, the punch down working is more convenient, the working-speed is fast,

 if you use 90° keystone jack,

you need to punch down keystone jack first, punching down work is not convenient that same as fit to face panel that mentioned above.

In the previous article “How to choose a network patch panel”, we recommend using “Removable patch panel”.

patch panel blank removable

If you choose a 180° keystone jack, it will be more convenient for the cabling work and maintenance of MIS server room.

In summary, the above is based on our company’s experience to share with you.

hope that will be the answer for “why is the keystone jack divided into 90° and 180°”

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