What means keystone jack 90° 180°

what means keystone jack 90° 180°

What means keystone jack 90° 180° mean?

Many customers may be curious,

What means 90° 180° ?

What is the difference in the use of functions?

The so-called 90° and 180° refer to the angle between the direction in which the network cable is punched down into the keystone jack, As shown below,

the left picture is 90°, the right picture is 180°

Different customers have different punching down habits. It seems that some people prefer 90° punching down, but some prefer 180° punching down.

In fact, it is absolutely related to the occasion of punch down work and the convenience of construction. Base on this we like to recommand to you:

Use 90° when you install it to paceplate ;use180° when you install it to patch panel.

However, in fact, we can choose a tool-less ones. This type of design can eliminate the need for punching down work. Since it is tool-less, it will not be affected by the construction environment, and the construction efficiency will increase accordingly.
The tool-less type provided by our company is the zinc alloy shielded type as shown in the figure below. This type can effectively achieve the shielding effect and most customers like it
The picture on the right is a general type. We can customize the appearance of this color for you.
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