Best Entry Level Mountain Bike For Beginners

Mountain bikers need to have good muscular endurance. For beginners, they need to exercise their muscular endurance rather than frequent jumps, but they also need basic front shock absorbers, which are different from professional mountain bikes that need to jump requires a full suspension design. For beginners, there are less frequent jumping movements, and more riding on mountain roads to exercise good endurance. Beginners can choose a suitable 26, 27.5 or 29 tire size according to their height.

We offer the mountain bikes for beginners that equipped with Shimano 21 speeds transnmission system, front suspension, front and rear brake disc

We provide the best entry level mountain bike services for customers local small-scale off shop, this made in Taiwan, Taiwan’s supplier is a reliable long-term business partner.

We are the best choice for your mountain bikes business start-up, we provide low cost but high quality models for mountain bike beginner, Various customized services and initial small-scale shipment services

mountain bike
mountain bike m190 feature 18
mountain bike m190 feature 17
mountain bike m190 feature 22
mountain bike m190 feature 27

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