How to choose a network patch panel?


How to choose a network patch panel

Regarding the question of how to choose a network patch panel?

sometimes it does confuse MIS managers. Now there are Patch Panels Modules and Blank Patch Panels on the market. How to choose?

Let’s take the 1U 24 ports patch panel as an example to talk about the advantages and disadvantages so that we can make the right choice to answer how to choose a network patch panel.

Patch Panel Modules

are made of the 24 port keystone jack circuits on one PCB. This low manufacturing cost is of course low in price. However, if only one port is damaged during use, it must be replaced with a new one. so Modular patch panels are not necessarily low-cost in the long term。

Blank Patch Panels

could be equipped with 24 independent keystone jacks. Although the initial cost is high, it is easy to maintain. If there is one port damage, just replace the port and it is not necessary to disassemble the whole patch panel from cabinet.

Blank Patch Panel has another advantage, that is, when the network speed is upgraded, it can be retained and replaced with a higher-level keystone Jack, but there is still a disadvantage, that is, the entire set of patch panels still need to be removed from the cabinet. Remove and replace the keystone Jack, and then reinstall it in the cabinet after replacement.

patch panel 05u

Patch Panels Modules

Blank Patch Panels

 Removable Blank Patch Panel

recommended by our company has an integrated removable design for 6 ports and four removable designs for 24 ports. If one port is damaged, it is very easy to disassemble and assemble. It is not necessary to remove the entire of patch panels from the cabinet. Take it down and install it again. At the same time, it can retain the advantages of not having to replace a new patch panel when upgrading the network and can overcome the waste of man-hours and management costs for the entire of disassembly and assembly. We think it is a very good choice and it is a good answer for how to choose a network patch panel question, so we Recommend to you.


Removable Blank Patch Panel

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