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Fingerprint lock Bluetooth


Product Features

All are made of high-quality zinc alloy die-casting, strong and durable

Fingerprint lock bluetooth zine alloy

After high-precision CNC roundness processing, the upper and lower covers are seamlessly assembled

Fingerprint lock bluetooth covers CNC process

Whole body trivalent chromium plating meets environmental protection needs

Exquisite laser carving pattern on the side

Fingerprint lock bluetooth laser carving pattern

The circuit board is coated with nano waterproof to increase the service life

Fingerprint lock bluetooth nano coating process

Simple “Tuya “APP operation, can unlock by Bluetooth remote control or press fingerprint to unlock, and can also authorize others to use

Can check the complete record of Bluetooth unlocking time


Product Specification

Physical Dimension:40*18*50(L*W*H) mm

Fingerprint lock bluetooth dimention

Fingerprint Resolution:120*120px

Fingerprint lock bluetooth resolution

Unlocking Response Time:Lless Than 0.5 sec

Fingerprint lock bluetooth unlock response time

Time Of Use Per Full Charged: More Than 90 Days

Fingerprint lock bluetooth zine time for using days

Charging Port: Type C

Fingerprint lock bluetooth changed by type C

Top Cover Appearance Material

Literary series uses cotton and linen weaving

Fingerprint lock bluetooth literary series

Urban series use high-fiber woven fabric

Fingerprint lock bluetooth urban series

Light luxury series made of leather

Fingerprint lock bluetooth light luxury series

Waterproof Grade: IP65

Certification: CE/ROHS

Accessories:Type C charging cable,QR Code(For Downloading APP),User guide (E-file)


Industry packing: Carton with inner partition

Carton size:(L*W*H): (300*210*140) mm



Q1:How to initialize the fingerprint lock and fingerprint settings??

A: (1) Download the “Tuya” App

      (2) Press “Register”

      (3) Enter your email address, press “Get Code”,  get the verification code (6 codes) from your mail inbox,  and enter the verification code

Q2:How many fingerprints can be stored at most?

A: 15 fingerprints

Q3:If the fingerprint lock is accidentally stolen, can the thief use the fingerprint lock?

A: No; this thief is not authorized by the administrator and cannot use this fingerprint lock.


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